Locanda Rossa - olive oil Locanda Rossa - honey Locanda Rossa - strawberries Locanda Rossa - artichokes



Olive trees have always been an integral part of Tuscany, of its landscapes and its identity. The climatic conditions of the Capalbio area, the varieties of olives selected, along with the cultivation methods and skilful pressing techniques employed by Locanda Rossa come together to produce an oil with a balanced flavour and fruity aroma offering scents of artichoke, freshly mown grass and almond that combine with the bitter and piquant notes typical of Tuscan oils. Toscano IGP Locanda Rossa is the natural choice for those seeking an Extra-Virgin Olive Oil which offers a balanced flavour, numerous nutritional and health benefits and whose production process is controlled and guaranteed step by step.


The natural product par excellence, honey is a unique food and an exceptional source of energy. Natural and genuine, Locanda Rossa Honey offers the scents, flavours and beneficial properties of the various plants from which it originates. It is the delicious embodiment of a territory that features a variety and abundance of pristine Mediterranean vegetation.