Information, Training, Safety, Sustainability and lots of space:
Your safety is our priority.


LOCANDA ROSSA is ready to welcome you in complete safety in compliance with the highest health standards imparted by WHO and the National Institute of Health. From 180 ° dry steam sanitization to ozone sanitization, from chemical sanitization to the offer of large spaces that guarantee excellent interpersonal distancing for relaxation in total safety.
Our staff is constantly trained on the procedures to be adopted to guarantee a safe and at the same time relaxing holiday.
A careful and constant sanitization of the rooms as well as an operational reorganization are aimed at welcoming guests in large spaces that are not only comfortable and luxurious, but also certified in terms of hygiene and health.

The keywords are space and sanitation that combine with staff training, the implementation of ad hoc procedures in the common areas, as well as constant and periodic checks on personnel and surfaces. Combined together, these measures will allow us to reestablish the connection between relaxation and safety.

An accurate sanitization through products certified against Covid-19, identified by the Protocols of the National Institute of Health and by WHO will be carried out constantly on all surfaces, even minimal ones, where contacts occur, including handles and push-button panels. The same precautions are followed in all bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as in the warehouse and changing rooms.
The reception is safe thanks to the plexiglass separators installed in the reception as in the restaurant.

The widespread distribution of sanitizing gel dispensers and sanitizing carpets allow an excellent reduction in the probability of transmission.
Our procedures monitor the personnel situation on a daily basis, with access to the structure subject to body temperature measurement and the use of uniforms during work, which are frequently sanitized, other then the constant use of masks.

Finally, PPE (personal protective equipment): on request, all customers will receive disposable masks and gloves. The entire staff is also equipped with disposable gloves and masks.


Ecological sanitization


Our cleaning standards have always been of the highest quality but we want to do everything possible to guarantee the highest safety standards.
The common areas as well as the curtains, sofas and room furnishings will be disinfected frequently to ensure safe accessibility using steam heated to 180 ° – in addition to the laundry sanitization by certified laundromat according to the high standards of hygiene the UNI 14665 and the ozone sanitization in special cells of the cushions, jackets, duvets, sofa covers, curtains etc., an ecological, sustainable, effective procedure. The sanitization procedures will all be recorded in specific cards and certified by the operator who performed them, all to guarantee its recovery.
The rooms will be frequently monitored by sending swabs taken from their surfaces to specialized laboratories: this will allow us to control the high standard of the sanitization process.




The paper menus (for breakfast, the restaurant and the bar) are replaced by digital menus that can be browsed in contactless mode. Customers will be able to read them comfortably on their smartphone or other devices, thanks to a dedicated QR code.
In the areas dedicated to catering, the safety distances will be respected by reducing the available places, in order to isolate the guests. Natural ventilation will be privileged, and outdoor consumption If necessary, the service will be organized in shifts, giving guests the opportunity to book a table.
The staff will ensure compliance with the distances and safety rules.


In the kitchen the cleaning and sanitizing operations will be mandatory with products that are compatible with food but effective against Covid. Personnel will be monitored on a daily basis and subject to body temperature measurements other then the frequently sanitized uniforms used during work and constantly used masks.