Cascate del Mulino

The Cascate del Mulino are among the most famous and impressive in the world.

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A spectacular roar of steam rising among the hills of Maremma; an articulated network of natural pools near the Mill, carved into the rock by the powerful action of the waterfalls over the centuries; an unforgettable postcard of contrasts between the white of the travertine and the blue of the sulphurous waters coming from the millenary thermal spring.


The thermal water that feeds the waterfalls has volcanic origin, begins its journey on the slopes of Mount Amiata and filtering slowly in the rocky cracks, flows underground for 40 years and then emerge in the natural source of the Resort Terme di Saturnia at a constant temperature of 37.5 ° C, with a power of 500 liters per second. During its course, it is enriched with elements that have beneficial effects on the cardio-circulatory, respiratory, muscular and skeletal systems. Its strong protective, antioxidant and purifying action combines with the natural exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing action that it exerts on the skin.


In resurfacing, the water passes from the Natural Spring to the Thermal Park of Terme di Saturnia, among the largest dedicated to thermal wellness in Europe. Generating the Gorello stream, it then flows for a few kilometers through the meadows of Saturnia until it feeds the Cascate del Mulino and finally joins the Stellata stream.




No-profit festival of contemporary languages conceived to activate the southern of Tuscany, also known as Maremma.

experiences category/culture
HYPERMAREMMA aims to activate the area of southern Tuscany, known as Maremma, light on a side of this geographical area through the intervention of emerging and contemporary artists invited to relate to the history of the land, its panorama and its atmospheres suitable for the development of a constellation of events starting from 2019. The intervention plan is based on a targeted raid on the territory, aimed to create a dialogue between venues and artworks for the experimentation of new languages. Visual works, sound adventures, performances, and artist residences will have the purpose to activate and fertilize the Maremma through a kind of “hyperactivity”.

Saturnia VIP Club

Relax day at Terme di Saturnia Club: Italy’s most famous thermal spring

experiences category/health

An exclusive experience dedicated only to our guests for a relaxing day at the Terme di Saturnia Club: Italy’s most famous thermal spring.

In the offer is included:
• One reserved entrance per person at the exclusive Club of Terme di Saturnia;
• Unlimited access to the Natural Hot Spring Pool and to whirlpools, artificial waterfalls, and Kneipp courses;
• Dressing room and locker;
• Sauna;
• Indoor relaxation area;
• Complimentary water and herbal teas;
• Free Wi-Fi;
• Parking;

Are you looking for a totally relaxing day without any stress? We can organize a private transfer roundtrip from Locanda to Saturnia (service subject to reservation and not included in the offer).

Giglio Island

In the tuscan archipelago

experiences category/culture

25km of land + 15 miles of sea away from Locanda Rossa

The island is one of the seven islands that form the Tuscan Archipelago National Park in the Tuscan Archipelago. It is renowned for the beauty of its nature and its crystal clear sea which have earned it countless awards.

To do:
Diving in one of the most loved seas by subs
Having a drink or aperitif in one of the rooms overlooking the sea
Climb up to the island’s Castle before easing towards Giglio Campese

Vulci Park

Ancient Etruscan-Roman metropolis

experiences category/culture

20km away from Locanda Rossa


At the Archaeological Nature Park, visitors can admire the archaeological excavations of Etruscan-Roman city of Vulci, the noble Etruscan tombs, the exhibits in the National Archaeological Museum, all immersed in uncontaminated Nature, offering colors, sounds and different emotions. The canyon formed by dark volcanic rock carved by the waters of Fiora; the plateau inhabited by the majestic Maremma cows and wild horses; the lush vegetation along the banks of the river, shelter for wild boars, hares, porcupines and, in Spring, the sky colored by the many rainbows of bee-eaters.


Villa Pinciana

Wine Tastings and winery tour

experiences category/foodwine

6km from Locanda Rossa


In the foothills of the ancient town of Capalbio, on the southern border of Tuscany, there are the vineyards of Villa Pinciana, facing the sea and protected by the hills of Maremma. An ancient land, and a new generation of winemakers blend and complement expressing a product in which it is possible to recognize a new flavor of Tusflavour


Tenuta Monteti

Wine Tastings and winery tour

experiences category/foodwine

4km from Locanda Rossa

28 hectares of vineyard exposed towards south-east and south-west, at an average altitude of 145 meters and a distance of just 15 km from the sea. The land with its complex structure, on stony clay substrate, provides good drainage while maintaining deep freshness and moisture. The Monteti hill defends the vineyard from the direct winds of the Mediterranean sea, creating an ideal microclimate due to which the vineyards can enjoy the nearby sea.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Alicante Bouschet-alternate in the vineyard as in a chessboard. Utmost respect for nature and the environment by farming in a responsible way in order to break down the indispensable treatments.



Wine Tastings and winery tour

experiences category/foodwine

35km from Locanda Rossa


Tenuta dell'Ammiraglia is situated in Magliano, Tuscany, in the heart of the Maremma in an area of great potential for the production of high-quality wines. The wine cellar of the estate originates from the project of Piero Sartogo and today represents a temple of design serving the production of quality, respect and integration with the environment
Its vineyards paint suggestive geometries on the hills until they brush against the nearby Tyrrhenian coast. In this area, the amount of sun and light reaches very high levels, and combining with sea breezes, creates particularly favourable conditions. In order to enhance the unique character of this area, a rain-fed basin was also constructed which collects water and allows the vineyards to be guaranteed a crisp environment during the driest months. The combination of all these factors gives the wines of the Ammiraglia exceptional variety and richness of aromas, unique in the Maremma.


Rocca di Frassinello

Wine Tastings and winery tour

experiences category/foodwine

90km from Locanda Rossa

The first joint venture between Italy and France has produced the award-winning wine Rocca di Frassinello. The wine cellar designed by Renzo Piano joined Castellare and Domain Baron Rothschild-Lafite.


Golf Punta Ala

Golf among the sea, hills and the Maremma shrubland

experiences category/sport

105km di distanza dalla Locanda Rossa


The field is located in a scenic area overlooking the sea. It is developed on an overall length of mt.6.168, PAR 72, with gentle and natural undulations of the terrain, between the "maquis of the Maremma”which consists of a thick growth of evergreen trees: domestic and maritime pines, cork oak trees, oaks, arbutus bushes which are also beautiful natural obstacles for the game. It is situated a few miles from touristic towns such as Castiglione della Pescaia and Follonica. Ideal spot for playing golf in total relax, and participate in golf clinics organized by the instructor of the club. The sport is played on a continuous basis throughout the year with a packed competition program, especially during the summer season.


Golf Argentario

18 - hole course by the sea

experiences category/sport

30km away from Locanda Rossa


The Argentario Golf Club occupies 77 hectares in a highly scenic environment which has been certified "BioAgriCert". It consists of 18 championship holes, a driving range, the Golf Academy, the Club House, the Buvette and the pro shop.


Golf Saturnia

Golf among the soft hills of the Maremma

experiences category/sport

40km away from Locanda Rossa


A championship course: 18 holes, par 72, 6,316 meters, spread over 70 acres just a few meters from the hotel with the same name and designed by architect Ronald Fream, with scrupulous adherence to the rules for the protection of nature, it was possible to build a path so spectacular, that it has been internationally certified GEO. Here it is possible to meet in the early hours of the morning: deers, porcupines, hares, pheasants and many species of birds that inhabit the Maremma.
The camp is open daily.



Ancient medieval village sheltered on a cliff of tuff exposed on the Lente river

experiences category/culture

55km from Locanda Rossa


The historic center
The ancient synagogue
The St. Nicholas Collegiate
The Chapel of the Madonna del Buonconsiglio
The Chapel of Santa Barbara


An important etruscan center, a medieval village of the Renaissance

experiences category/culture

45km away from the Locanda Rossa


Located in the heart of the tuff it has been included in the list of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

To do
Visit the incredible Vie Cave in the Archaeological Park of Tuff
Walking alongside the walls of Sovana of three different historical periods
Entering the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul


Natural Reserve which unites the land with the Argentario mount

experiences category/nature

20km away from Locanda Rossa

This protected natural reserve is a pillow that combines the mainland with Mount Argentario, travelable entirely byon foot, by bicycle or by any means non-motorized and offers 6 km (3.7 mi) of coastline bordered by an unbroken maritime thick vegetation (pines, deciduous, shrubs).

WWF Orbetello

WWF oasis of the Orbetello lagoon

experiences category/nature

25km away from Locanda Rossa


The WWF oasis is a historic oasis of Orbetello being the largest lagoon in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The area of the oasis, which also includes the Natural Reserve and the closed-end fund, is 1,000 hectares in the municipality of Orbetello.


Orbetello rises on the lagoon that bears the same name

experiences category/nature

25km away from Locanda Rossa


The city of Orbetello is located in the middle of the lagoon and is joined to the Monte Argentario by a road built on an artificial embankment (dam), which divides the lagoon into two ponds ("Laguna Levante "and" Laguna di Ponente ").

To do
Birdwatching in the lagoon of Orbetello of 850 hectares (2,100 acres)
Enjoy the view from the monastery of the Passionist Fathers
Relax on nearby beaches

Terme di Saturnia

Natural springs of sulphurous water, famous for their therapeutic properties

experiences category/health

45km away from Locanda Rossa


Saturnia is an ancient Etruscan town with medieval walls and the remains of an ancient Roman road, but it is much better known for its thermal springs dating back to Roman times and still in use today.
The sulfur springs with a temperature of 37.5 ° C, are well known for their therapeutic properties, offering relaxation and wellness through immersion. The flow rate of the source is about 800 liters per second, which guarantees an optimal turnover of water. In the chemical composition of waters there is sulfur, carbon, sulfate and a bicarbonate-alkaline compound with hydrogen sulfide gas and carbon dioxide.

This particular experience can be booked through our concierge at +39 0564 890462 or by email reservation@locandarossa.com



Adventure Park

Amusements for children, adults and pets

experiences category/nature

30km from Locanda Rossa

Riva dei Tarquini The Adventure Park is located in the picturesque pine forest of Camping Village "Riva dei Tarquini" a few kilometers from Tarquinia. With 6 locations adventure, broken down by level of difficulty increased, to meet all needs, from children up to the demanding sport. Everyone can live their experience.


Tastings, vineyards and wine cellars in Capalbio

experiences category/foodwine

5km di distanza dalla Locanda Rossa


The property, located just 5 kilometers from the Tyrrhenian sea extends for 50 hectares at an altitude above sea level that rises gently from 30 meters up to 80 where, towards the west horizon, the great shape of Monte Argentario stands out, while towards the south-east one can find the 'last offshoot of Tuscan land on the border with Lazio. All around olive trees and Mediterranean scrub especially with a very rich fauna, dominated by the wild boar. Chardonnay and Vermentino are produced here for white wines; while Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Syrah and Grenache for the red wines.


Burano Lake

A salty lagoon situated inside the WWF oasis

experiences category/nature

The lake is a brackish lagoon situated in a natural reserve of 360 hectares (890 acres) separated from the Tyrrhenian Sea by a strip of dunes that makes it a site of community interest. Within the natural reserve there are several species of animals, aquatic birds (herons, cormorants, pink flamingos), reptiles (turtles) and mammals (foxes, wild boars, porcupines). 



Gorgeous village with whos houses that are attached with the cliffs directly to the underlying cliffs

experiences category/culture

Built entirely on a tuff rock it was founded by the Romans and since from the sixteenth century,and it is the home to one of the largest Jewish communities in the region.

To do
Visit the neighborhood of the old ghetto with the sixteenth-century synagogue and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in the city
Walking in and out of the walls noting signs that different civilizations have left in time


Fascinating promontory in the middle of the sea with enchanting bays

experiences category/nature

Born as an island, the action of the currents and the river Albegna has created two panhandles that join the island to the mainland, making it a cape.

To do
Visit the two fishing villages of Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole
Admire the coves and clear sea by the scenic road that runs along the Argentario mountain
Bathe in one of the countless natural beaches


A medieval village, haven to numerous intellectuals and politicians

experiences category/culture

Walking in the village
Visit the church of St. Nicholas and the oratory of providence with their Renaissance frescoes
Be kidnapped by from the oniric Tarot Garden of the French-American sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle, where there are represented, with sculptures of about 15 meters in height, the 22 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. 

Family & Friends

7 nights for 6 in Tuscany Villas

experiences category/nature

For independence and big space lovers: the Locanda Rossa's Villas! With a big, fenced and equipped garden with Barbecue, three bedrooms, with ensuite bathroom, a big equipped kitchen and a veranda.

The room rate includes:

  • 7 nights in a Standard Apartment
  • Mountain bike
  • Full buffet breakfast (max 6 people)
  • Upgrade (based upon availability)
  • Fitness room
  • Private covered parking
  • Outdoor heated pool
  • Free WiFi
  • Tennis and Paddle court
  • Tesla charging Station during day-time
  • Vat and Taxes


    The room rate does not include:

  • SPA
  • Minibar in the Villas
  • Transfer from/to Locanda Rossa (service available on request)
  • Everything is not specifically mentioned in “The room rate includes”

Rates from € 2.070,00 per person (max 6 people), from 5 May to 29 May and from 22 September to 31 October 2019, 7 nights in a Standard Apartment.

With the special offer STAY ANOTHER NIGHT you can add an extra night with a 50% discount

The Tarot Garden

Dreamlike artistic park of Niki de Saint Phalle

experiences category/nature

The Tarot Garden is an artistic park located in Capalbio (GR) conceived by the French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle, populated with statues inspired by the shapes of the major arcana of the Tarot. Construction began in 1979 and ended with the opening to the public in 1998.


A holiday at Locanda Rossa is also art and culture. Artistic installations silently accompany the guests visit at the Locanda, from the rooms to the common areas. The wonders of historical medieval villages of Capalbio, Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana, nestled in the heart of Tufo and one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, are within a few miles of strolls through nature.


Farmsteads, historic wineries and vineyards in the heart of Maremma wait for guests along an unforgettable and typical italian taste itinerary.

Locanda Rossa’s restaurant, with careful selection of organic and "farm to table" products offers unique flavors and exclusive Tuscany ambiance. The art, in its many forms, is expressed through the wise use of high quality ingredients, grown directly on Locanda’s land.


For a total immersive relaxed stay you can benefit from two swimming pools, spa with jacuzzi, sauna and turkish bath, beauty center with massage and beauty treatments.


Nature is the protagonist of the well-being of guests, it satisfies the senses during experiences of deep relaxation by the sea or on the hills. The WWF oasis of Lake Burano and Orbetello lagoon frame the Maremma landscape surrounding Locanda Rossa. While walking from the woods to the sea in the Argentario peninsula nature offers exciting sceneries to live in Capalbio.


Locanda Rossa is a necessary oasis, a quiet moment where noise and speed remain distant. Here every detail is balanced, muffled and harmonious.

To Relax immersed in the Tuscan olive trees from the Capalbio countryside, walking in the green paths of the estate or sipping a cocktail by the poolside truly regenerates the senses and recharge your stamina.


The ideal place to practice your favourite sports while on vacation is precisely Locanda Rossa. Within the estate you can keep in shape with running sessions among the olive groves and play tennis or padel tennis in the new courts. Outside the Locanda you can choose between several activities; from trekking in the Maremma hills to biking, from exciting days spent playing golf, to long swims in the green sea of Capalbio.


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